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Monday, October 04, 2010

Have they given up yet?

When President Obama's friend and legal scholar, Cass Sunstein, authored an essay about ways the government might deal with a steadily growing 9/11 Truth Movement, I read it eagerly to find out what we might expect from this "liberal" administration. It was already evident that the policy of "containment by ignoring" would continue to apply, and that no investigative efforts were forthcoming. When Prof. Sunstein seemed to be suggesting that blatantly unconstitional measures to counter the truth movement - a cointelpro for our time - would be appropriate, I discussed it with friends familiar with the '60's programs against the anti-war crowd, and we all pretty much agreed that it was highly likely that such programs were already in place and had been for some time. Most who have written in discussion groups on 9/11 Truth are accustomed to the one or two trolls that always seem to show up to drop little disinformation pellets among the offerings and are always there to keep the controversies alive. I don't offer that as proof, simply as an observation growing out of many years of participation in such discussions - Amazon reviews being one such place. Having been a long-time fan of Dr. Griffin, and having read Dr. Sunstein's piece, I ordered the book in order to close the loop, not expecting to learn a great deal.

I was pleasantly surprised. Dr. Griffin's careful analysis suggests a line of argument that makes it almost possible to believe that Sunstein's essay deliberately contained its own pre-planted explosives, requiring only a slight twist of the argument to turn it back on itself, blowing the entire structure of the official myth to smithereens. To those of us who have steeped for years in the strong brew of evidence that the official myth is unstable and is sustained only by a brittle structure of power and inertia propped up by a calcified and corrupt media establishment, it is like finding the cherry cordial in the center of an otherwise unremarkable piece of candy. Nicely done, Dr. Griffin!

To say that this book destroys the arguments of the sustainers of the 9/11 official myth is to put it mildly. It may be that the myth sustainers think they have won and don't even feel a need to respond to this book. I notice that apparently not a single reviewer is on hand (to date) to offer any of the usual ad homenim attacks or insults in defense of the official myth. The silence is somewhat spooky and a bit unsettling. I am aware that they have long since run out of ideas - can it be that they have finally realized it?

Professor Sunstein's name has been spotted on lists associated with possible Obama Supreme Court nominees. Those of us who consider such a possibility with the revulsion appropriate to the idea of a big fan of undermining popular opinion by government cointelpro-style actions ascending to the bench (yet again!) should breathe a bit easier knowing the original essay and this devastating treatment reside in Professor Sunstein's file.

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