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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Latest September 11

We have seen hints and allegations about the likelihood that Obama would be "tested" early in his term, a rumor kicked off by his loyal VP candidate (and Israel's Best Friend Forever) Joe Biden, and picked up as a campaign theme by Republicans who somehow thought that it would conjure up visions of danger and make the American voter think of voting for them. Why that should be the case is a huge mystery, but what the heck, they didn't have very many themes from which to choose.

The worst financial crisis in our country's history has some very curious aspects. Rep. Paul Kanjorsky, in January, described on C-Span how the crisis was kicked off. An electronic "run on the bank" that occurred last September, in which about $550 billion dollars was withdrawn from money markets over about a two hour time span. It was stopped by the FED who opened up their window and pumped money into the market until they decided they could not do it, stopped the operation, and raised the account guarantee to $250,000. It is estimated that, had they not done that, by 2:00 that afternoon, $5.5 trillion would have left the system, and the economy of, not just the United States, but the world, would have seized up.

But what was the date?

Rep Kanjorsky never identified the date of this run on the bank, but the briefing of Congress took place on Sept. 15th, and Paulson and Bernanke identified the incident as "last Thursday".

"LAST THURSDAY WAS SEPTEMBER 11TH" when the speaker is speaking on Sept. 15th, when most people learned of the unprecedent financial crisis. It took place between 9:00 and 11:00.

Does that date and time ring a bell?

What was the nature of the last highly memorable Sept. 11th? We all knew what was happening on that date. It took place on television, and 3000 people died. And by the time that date expired, anyone with a pulse had the date engraved permanently in their long-term memory, and they knew who the highly authoritative talking heads on all the channels knew for certain caused it. It was allegedly a muslim fanatic named Osama bin Laden and his wild-eyed followers.

September 11, 2008 was a little different. If you look through the contemporaneous accounts you see great pains being taken to play down the actual date of the financial Sept. 11 that took place in 2008. Even Wikipedia, which recites week by week the happenings during the crisis glosses over the actual time and date of the initiation of the event and only refers to it as "the second week in September". And, although our computer systems can track every cent that flows through financial accounts, and identify who did what and exactly when the identity of those who initiated the electronic run on the bank, which threatened to bring down the world economy, remains a mystery! No discussions, no mainstream media source has even hinted at it. None of the blabbers on the cable channels have even mused about it.

Like the alternative explanations of September 11th, 2001 that might indicate that a huge amount of counter-evidence that shows that 19 arabs with box-cutters could not and did not bring down the twin towers - the center of the western world's financial system - mum's the word. Tin foil hat references are ready to be placed on anyone's head who dares to challenge the official conspiracy theory of that September 11th.

Could there be any clearer signpost indicating that a continuity of purpose connects those two dates, 7 years apart? Except on the 2008 version of that date, anyone suggesting that a scruffy bunch of arabs carried out the attack on our financial lifeblood would be instantly laughed off the stage. Only those with complete dominion within the system and huge resources could even approach the type of attack that took place last September.

And we have not heard a single word from any mainstream media or governmental source to suggest there is the slightest curiosity anywhere in government as to the source of the most recent attack on our financial system. Just as there is not the slightest curiosity in government or media about what really occurred in Sept. 2001.

I wonder what that means. Does anyone else?