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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

LTE Salisbury Daily Times June 07

Reactions to my letter about open questions surrounding 9/11 events were not unexpected. They ranged from dripping sarcasm from know-nothing, knee-jerk defenders of anything Bush, to Democrats scrambling to dissociate themselves from a “conspiracy theorist”.

The general theme was that I, by asking questions and challenging the government explanation, am unpatriotic and/or unhinged. I offered no theories - although I privately make some logical deductions. Our government has offered one conspiracy theory: that Osama sent 19 jihadists on a mission to destroy the Trade Center and Pentagon. They also somehow got our government to schedule up to six military exercises in the Northeast to confuse FAA and NORAD and divert our air defenses; induced three skyscrapers to blow themselves up with all ten characteristics of controlled demolition, got FBI counterterrorism officials to stonewall inquiries into the terrorists’ preparations, and somehow prevented NORAD from scrambling air defenses for about 90 minutes. Then Rudy Guiliani disposed of the physical evidence immediately.

And I am the conspiracy theorist?

Reading the attacks on me, one might think I am isolated in my skepticism.


According to a May, 2006 Zogby poll, 42% of Americans believe there was a cover-up, and 45% think Congress or an international tribunal should re-investigate. Seventy percent of those aware of Bldg. 7, believe it requires investigation. There is dead silence from corporate media. Freedom of speech is wonderful, apparently, provided you only use it to support the government. A new, honest, investigation is required.

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