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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nov. 22 and Sept. 11 - A review

A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.- Bertrand de Juvenal
The Decider, willing to expend our last soldier to defend democracy in Iraq while destroying it here, is one of the latest Americans to realize that he has run the bus into the ditch. Two years of spinning wheels later (and many more casualties on all sides) he is desperate to get it out of the ditch so it can continue over the cliff. The pathology that is driving him can only be guessed at by the lay-person.
I submit that in the corrupt fantasy-land our government has become, we are seeing the fruits of willful ignorance by the American people more than 40 years ago, who accepted without significant protest a blatant cover-up of a governmental coup. The murder of John F. Kennedy at the hands of organized crime, cooperating with rogue elements of the government of the United States, was papered over. Farfetched accounts of a crazed lone gunman were enshrined as gospel, and anyone questioning it became a “conspiracy theorist” - automatically discredited by the application of the term. The formula worked so well then that it was applied twice more for Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. These operations always have a patsy (there should be a picture of L. H. Oswald in the dictionary next to the word) who is situated to take the blame, which is immediately assigned. The Presidential Commission, in the case of really big lies, puts the finishing touches on the package. In 1963, the assassination led to the escalation of the Vietnam conflict and a wall with 58,000 names, to the great profit of the arms merchants.
As for our misbegotten Iraq adventure, we got there by virtue of another such operation - 9/11, a spectacular crime, where we again had an instantly identified group of suspects, none of whom were Iraqi, a reluctant “official investigation” that glossed over and falsified events in order to reinforce the prefabricated official account, glaring discrepancies that point to the lies, and a sheep-like acceptance by the American people, despite widespread beliefs (up to 84% according to a CBS/NYT poll) that we are being lied to. The fact that the official conspiracy theory defies several laws of physics and contradicts contemporary photographic and eyewitness evidence is officially ignored. It’s just the way things work here in a country that seems infinite in its capacity to tolerate official deception.
Shelton F. Lankford