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Monday, March 30, 2009

Cleaning Up after Elephants

Posted 3/28/2009 2:43 PM EDT
James Carville, the best evidence for human-animal hybrids existing I can think of, (I am thinking catfish) came up with a pretty good political slogan. “The worst job in the circus is cleaning up after the elephants”. The phrase conjures up the huge piles of dung left by the Bush administration after their eight years of malfeasance, warmongering, and assaults on our democracy and our Constitution. It’s a nice thought that the Democrats coming into a strong majority status in both houses and an off-the-chart popular president would set to work quickly to dispose of the worst stinkers, like the Patriot Act, illegal wiretapping, the leftover wars, and the Gitmo gulag, and set to work investigating to see what we DON’T know about other crimes that they were more successful at hiding. We might expect to see the video records released showing what really happened at the Pentagon on 9/11, a true independent investigative body with real teeth and access to administration records, witnesses, and subpeona power to shine a light on the controversies around 9/11/01 that researchers have documented ad nauseum.

Well, it has not happened, and it appears unlikely to happen. Using the excuse of a financial crisis (precipitated by another September 11th in 2008) the new guys (many of whom helped create some of the bigger piles) are content to just work around the mess or push it around without getting rid of it, or to decorate it with some embellishments of their own. You never know when you’ll need a big, steaming, pile of crap. We have other things to do, like beefing up our presence in Afghanistan to prevent the Afghan people from working their own will on their government. The handy label of Al Qaeda - “The Base”, referring to the CIA database of names that comprised the genesis of that “organization” that appears to be more of a full-employment plan for the military industrial complex than an actual terrorist movement, is thrown about to avoid having to identify any real indigenous political causes that might impel the action of the various people we occupy, bomb with Predator drones, or otherwise exploit. It gives us license to do pretty much what we want anywhere in the Muslim world. Thanks to 8 years of Bush propaganda efforts, Muslim is pretty interchangeable with terrorist in the minds of people who don’t read or think and look to Fox News to get information.

The Obama cheerleaders are managing to maintain a cheerful countenance in the face of the fading of their hopes for reform that could roll back the worst of the Bush actions and the total disinterest of the administration in seeking justice for the long catalog of crimes that have yet to be investigated or prosecuted. Rove roves free. Cheney is not a fugitive, but appears on television to rub our noses in his dictatorial usurpations. Seymour Hersh drops a huge bombshell in a University of Minnesota appearance that looks like potential probable cause if anyone cares, alleging that the Vice President ran a covert assassination squad from the White House, unanswerable to the Pentagon, JCS, or anyone but the VP. If true, it would constitute a monstrous crime, eclipsing most others with the possible exception of planning and execution of 9/11/01 itself (for which Cheney is a prime suspect). It was a one-night news story that made some newspapers on the inside pages, and provoked no interest from our Congressional watchdogs. One trick learned by the Bush 41 White House was how to run covert operations off the books. Iran-Contra used drug money to finance terrorism against unfriendly regimes in Central America. They were discovered, a big stink was raised, and some folk were tried, convicted, and pardoned, and wound up back in the Bush 43 cabal doing business at the same old stand. And it doesn’t even raise any eyebrows that count.

Some cleanup!