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Sunday, March 14, 2010 Milestone Critical Mass?

Visit and search youtube for the news conference held last weekend.

Richard Gage's organization has blossomed to more than 1000 professional architects and engineers, and over 7000 other supporters. This press conference presents an overview of the Truth movement and asks why the accumulating evidence seems to resonate in other countries but isn't considered "news" in the country in which it happened and has the most devastating effect (unless you count Iraq and Afghanistan). That is a question that should be asked of every reporter and editor and every news outlet in the U. S.

The answer you will get, if you get one at all, I guarantee, will make reference to "conspiracy theories" even though in most 9/11 Truth events, evidence is offered but theory is not. A new investigation is what is wanted by the overwhelming majority of those who have researched and questioned 9/11.

Part 6/6 is a statement by Eric Lawyer, founder of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth. He outlines what normal procedures dictate in any case of this nature, but which were not followed. The wreckage was protected from unauthorized access but was trucked away and disposed of with unseemly haste. In the guise of "protecting the families" the crime scene was despoiled and disappeared.

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