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Sunday, May 20, 2007

LTE Salisbury Daily Times

Here is where the trouble started:
In “V for Vendetta”, the police inspector asks his assistant a question about a terrible attack for which terrorists were blamed. “If our government were behind the deaths of thousands of our citizens, would you want to know?”

Apparently there are many among us who would answer “no”. My reason for saying so is that even with a growing body of evidence pointing to the attacks of 9/11 as something much more sinister than the legend that was created well before the smoke had cleared in Manhattan and Virginia, and carved into stone by the 9/11 Commission Report, Americans are mostly silent.

Space constraints prevent a recitation of the evidence here. I can only say that in the literally hundreds of books and web sites devoted to 911 truth, it is well-documented. David Ray Griffin, a theologian by profession, has built a case in several books that thoroughly discredits the official account. Is the death of 3000 Americans in the attacks, and more than that in the falsely justified wars that followed, something that we can just shrug off? Bin Ladin, the alleged instigator, is not even wanted for the 911 attacks - no such charges appear on his wanted poster. Did Bin Ladin stand down NORAD? Did he block FBI investigations before 9/11, then promote those who did? Did he plant explosives in the WTC? Did he suspend the laws of physics on 9/11? Did he make billions in profits from insurance on the WTC?

We need the truth.

Shelton F. Lankford

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