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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Letter to the Salisbury Daily Times

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Salisbury Daily Times
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Shelton Lankford
28166 Pathfinder Court
Salisbury, MD 21801

August 10, 2004

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The Bush Attack Machine is at it again. I was thoroughly disgusted with
the attacks on John McCain in South Carolina in 2000. That attack by the
Bush team did more than anything else to show me his character and alert
me to the danger he would be in office. He has managed to surpass even my
worst fears. Now we see the same outfit launching a remarkably similar
attack on John Kerry. As in the McCain case, facts are on the other side
of their malicious slurs. As a Vietnam veteran, I repudiate this phony
group, joining those who really served with Kerry to support his election.
Send this phony cowboy and his Machiavellian henchmen back to Texas in


Shelton F. Lankford
410 742-2542


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