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Monday, July 12, 2004

The Florida Recount

Today, out running errands in preparation for our cruise to Alaska, and being in Salisbury, MD, I turned on the radio, and not liking the selections being played on NPR, I switched to AM, and there was Rush, bloviating about Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11, specifically about how Moore lies in his movie about the Florida recount in 2000. He cites conclusions by the group that commissioned a study of the ballots that were not counted in Florida that he claimed showed Bush winning by every standard. That didn't sound right to me, because of several reports that I had read. Now I have been told by unsympathetic relatives to "get over it", but gosh darn it, no matter how I try, things like Rush's lying, deceptive hogwash get me all riled up again and tear off the scab. goes back to the original data related to the uncounted vote, the undervote, the hanging and dimpled chads, and the felon lists, and demonstrates that the Miami Herald and the Media Consortium both applied some very curious spin to achieve a result for Bush that is not supported by any legitimate interpretation of the original data. Check it out and see if you can square what the data shows with what Rush said. (If you flash on the source being and say, well there you go - it's biased - just read the data and then tell me who is biased).

If you follow the link above, the information is there to make up your own mind, or at least to show where Moore gets his case. Greg Palast has also extensively documented the theft of the election.

And finally, the last item on that page is a picture. It identifies the Rethuglican mob that rioted at the Miami Canvassing board and shut down the recount. It indentifies the people involved in the "spontaneous" demonstration. What isn't said and you may not know is how they got to Florida.

They were flown to Florida in the Corporate jet belonging to Enron Corporation and Ken "Kenny-boy" Lay, George W. Bush's largest contributor. That plane was also George W. Bush's campaign plane during his unsuccessful run for the Presidency (had the vote been correctly counted).

Score - Moore 1, Rush 0


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