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Monday, August 02, 2004

Letter to Post - Network Coverage of Convention

Letter to Editor, Washington Post, Published 8/3/2004

ABC News President David Weston [“Don’t Blame the Networks,” op-ed, July30] defended the failure of the networks and their cable outlets to carry the Democratic Convention on the grounds that the audience might not watch it. That rings hollow when the programming that is offered instead is a warmed-over pile of garbage. And when I did find a major network carrying the convention, I was more likely to get some idiot with a wireless microphone interviewing a spin artist from the Republicans than a straightforward account of what was happening on the floor or an interview of substance with any of the key figures.

One thing that has been forgotten is that the airwaves are a part of the commons belong to the American people. There used to be an obligation on those who use the commons to present responsible accounts of events of vital importance to the country. A compliant administration is letting the networks ignore this obligation.



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