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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Richard Clarke and the Saudi Airlift

Something does not add up. Richard Clarke now says he alone authorized the Saudi Airlift after 9/11. That is at variance with his testimony to the Commission investigating 9/11, during which he says it went through a "decision process" after being cleared by the FBI. The FBI essentially said "Who? US?". Clarke made no mention of the fact that Prince Bandar met with George W. Bush prior to the airlift and it doesn't take a genius or a bread-crumb trail to directly connect that meeting with the departure of the prominent Saudis. Why would the Bush administration then pretend that the flights did not occur? The whole thing smells. If they don't like Michael Moore's presentation of the facts, let them come out with an explanation and their own version. So far it looks like they are attempting to ignore the issue and issuing only enough contridictory information to confuse us, then waiting for our notoriously short attention span to do the rest.

November can't get here fast enough.


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