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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Examples for our Young People

I heard a lot of talk during the Clinton presidency about what an example he set for America's young people. I won't defend Clinton's conduct. The fact that it was even a subject that the nation's youth could discuss was largely due to the vendetta conducted by the Republicans who insisted that a tawdry personal affair was a subject suitable for public discussion and to be paraded on national TV 24/7.

I then reflect on what example George W. Bush is providing to our youth.

The next time your son or daughter don't actually lie about what they have been doing, but mislead you into thinking they are doing one thing, then do another, could it be that they are following George's example in the leadup to the Iraq war?

The next time they swagger around and pretend to be something they are not, could it be because of "Mission Accomplished".

The next time they run up the credit card and try to disguise the fact, or claim that something they want costs x, when it really costs several times x, and they hide the truth from you, could they be following Dubya's example on the Medicaid bill?

The next time they spread lies and rumors that slander one of their playmates and don't set the record straight, could it be copying the Swifties, Karl Rove's surrogates in the 527 community?

The next time they steal money from the baby and give it to one of their friends to curry favor from them, could they be emulating George W's tax plan?

The next time they participate in ganging up and beating up a playmate, could they just be playing Tom Delay's game to gerrymander the Democrats out of existence in Texas?

The next time they leak a family secret that does real harm to you, could they be emulating the "senior administration official" that leaked Valerie Plame's CIA identity or exposed the only Al Qaeda operative acting as our agent.

You get the idea.

George has made a career of the following:
Evading personal responsibility
Insider trading
Capitalizing on family connections and wealth
Sneak attacks by anonymous or shadow groups on any opponent
Lying to get his way
Violence as a first resort
Wrapping himself in the flag to cover screwups
Mangling logic and the English language

Some example!


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