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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Why collapse the buildings?

A 9/11 Denier, with whom I have been exchanging forum entries, says that collapsing the buildings was unnecessary to the purposes if the plotters wanted to do a Pearl Harbor type event. This is my response.

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 11:41 pm Post subject: Why collapse the buildings?
Islamists had been implicated in a previous attack on the WTC. Although the FBI had a double-agent inside and actually supplied the explosive used (they provided a real bomb instead of the fake bomb expected by their agent) the plotters actually detonated it and killed a lot of people. No war ensued. The planes hitting the buildings was a powerful symbol but if only a few hundred died, it probably would not have provided the "pearl harbor" effect - feelings of helpless rage and desire for revenge we all felt that day. Why were those evacuating from the South tower after the North tower was hit told to go back to their desks? Only by assuming that a high death toll was required to accomplish their aims does it make any sense. When the buildings fell it provided the powerful visual of a symbol of our world financial leadership crumbling - a threat felt by everyone. This was psychological warfare played on a grand scale

But the WTC was in private hands, and had been for 6 weeks.

How does $4.6 to 7 billion dollars sound to you as a motive? Actually, the motive is much more than that. Larry Silverstein, a dual citizen of the U. S. and Israel*, on the day he signed a 99 year lease on that property became liable for asbestoes cleanup costs of about $800 million. In addition to this, the estimate for the disassembly of the towers was $15 billion. On at least two occasions, the port authority's request for a permit for demolition of the towers had been denied due to risk to adjacent properties and the asbestos issue. They would have been required to unbuild the buildings from the top down.
The WTC was a big white elephant, uncompetitive in the real estate market and had never been in private hands until Mr. Silverstein purchased the lease from the Port Authority for a $124 million down payment, of which he only spent $15 million. He also had additional protection on the deal, in that if anything happened to the buildings, he would be released from any further obligations. He got his money back AND he held all the cards. He immediately insured the buildings against terrorist attacks specifically. He argued after the attacks that he should collect $7.1 billion because there were two separate attacks. The court agreed but the payout was set at $4.6 billion.

In short, the only way Silverstein would have ever expected to recoup his costs on the trade center was the way it actually happened. The liability hung over this deal like a dark cloud and it had to be known from the beginning. But when the 'terrorist attack' took place, Silverstein's worries were over. He made a huge financial killing on a very low 6 week investment, was released from any obligations under the original deal, was still free to rebuild on the spot, which immediately became the hottest real estate in town (he rebuilt bldg 7 almost immediately, although the tower site is still undeveloped)

Edit: This was added later, since I should have thought of it but didn't until discussing it with my wife later. She mentioned the motive of destruction of evidence. The aircraft wreckage was primarily inside the buildings. There is considerable controversy over those aircraft - were they under the control of pilots - hijackers - who had demonstrated very little skill in flying light aircraft. Since nothing was heard from the assigned pilots after the aircraft were seized the use of remote control to steer the planes into the WTC has to be considered. (See operation Northwoods for precedent). A seasoned airline pilot with thousands of hours in the same type aircraft attempted, along with some of his students, to repeat the flight profile into the WTC in a simulator. He was able to hit the tower one time out of ten. His students could not hit it at all. If the aircraft had been modified - or if drones were used from the beginning - destroying the buildings would have obliterated the evidence of the modified planes. If you are doing a false-flag operation pretending that it is a terrorist attack, then you can't afford to have investigators poring over the wreckage of the plane. As it turned out, the steel and other wreckage was disappeared quickly and the black boxes, initially reported as found, were reported as not recovered.
End of edit.

The winners:
Silverstein - $4.6 billion profit with no financial downside.

PNAC - A New Pearl Harbor - just what they wanted.

Administration - they got a convenient group to focus the desire for revenge upon - Islamists and a new kind of war - a perpetual campaign against a para-military tactic - terror.

Airlines - several billions in bailout funds from the taxpayers.

The Military Industrial Complex. - lots of war profits to come, new weapons systems and new contracts for a new kind of military. Teeth provided by the soldiers and airmen and tail provided by an endless parade of war profiteers like Halliburton

Republicans - a basis for a permanent republican majority - a War President for a couple of terms and probably two more after him.

Guiliani - the "hero" who was warned that the towers were about to collapse but didn't warn his police or fire officials.

Big Oil - they get to execute Cheney's plan to divvy up Iraq assets.

Al Qaeda - new prestige in the world among those who already hate the U. S.

The insurance companies - Although they may look like losers they win because their premiums go up across the board for terrorism insurance, they will recoup the losses and then some.

And finally, Israel - what could be better than to have the world's only remaining superpower super pissed off at all the countries that surround you and threaten you? You are best buds with the baddest cat on the block and you no longer have to worry about Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, or any Islamic country, and the Palestinians have lost any leverage they ever had with the U. S.

The losers:
The WTC victims

The passengers on the airliners

The firefighters and policemen

The victim's families

The rescue workers who are slowly choking to death due to deadly air at ground zero.

The entire population of the U. S. goes into post-traumatic shock

The constitution and Bill of Rights - the patriot act was ready to go before the attacks, not in reaction to it. The Congress was stampeded.

Islam - framed for something they did not do.

Human rights in general. The US ceased to be a beacon and example of a democratic society and became a torture state, a violator of the Geneva Convention, an adversary of the United Nations, and a practitioner of aggressive warfare against countries who did not attack us.

* In addition to Lucky Larry, several prominent members of the new Bush government were dual citizens. Philip Zelikow, Douglas Feith, Michael Chertoff, Richard Pearle, Dov Zakheim (controller of the Pentagon where on 10 Sept. 2001 $2.3 trillion of Pentagon funds had been reported as unaccounted for. The attack took out the accounting offices, out of which the investigation was being run)

If you can't conceive of people evil enough to plan and execute something like this, think back to something that happened in my lifetime - the German 'final solution'. If you can study the rise of Adolph Hitler, the Reichstag fire, the paranoia encouraged among the Germans for defense against their neighbors, the Enabling Act, which bypassed legislative authority and hastened the slide into a dictatorship, and not think of 9/11 and the Patriot act, you have a tighter rein on your thoughts than I.

I am not saying they are just like the Nazis. (Prescott Bush was one of Hitler's bankers and was implicated in the attempted coup against Roosevelt in 1933) I am saying that the parallels are there and that in pre-war America, Nazi sympathizers included the grandfather of Bush 43. The Neocons are largely deciples of Leo Strauss, mostly outspoken Zionists, and are believers in rule by elites and the ends justifying the means.

When I use the term Zionist, I refer not to "the Jews" or even the state of Israel. I am talking about American or dual citizens who place the interests of Israel above those of the United States. AIPAC is their lobby and they own a good chunk of the U. S. Congress, Republican and Democrat. Dick Cheney is a big supporter of AIPAC, and vice versa.
"A nation of sheep must beget a government of wolves"- Bertrand De Juvenal

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