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Saturday, September 15, 2007

What can you learn from a Crappy movie?

Last evening, I surfed through the On-Demand channels and came across a Sci-Fi movie from about 1989 called "Millenium". It's a terrible movie about time travel and starts with a horrendous midair collision between two jumbo jets. They crashed, and littered the countryside with flaming debris, and Kris Kristofferson is the high-powered investigator dispatched from DC to head up an investigation that involves hundreds of people, all working diligently to collect every scrap of the aircraft and painstakingly reconstruct them in a couple of hangars near the crash sites.

That's how they used to do things. Even when two aircraft banged together in midair and came crashing to the ground, they went to work to learn all there was to learn about the cause. They wanted to nail it down in order to learn from it. What did we learn from 9/11's air crashes?

Four airliners allegedly crashed that day. The NTSB "investigation" was subordinated to the FBI. After the Flight Data Recorders from New York were reported to have been found, they were mysteriously lost again. None of the wreckage was matched with maintenance records, or if it was it was kept secret, and no positive proof has been offered that the equipment that was associated with those flights was what was claimed. For years after 9/11 the tail numbers of the aircraft were carried on the books of the airlines involved. American Flight 11 was carried until 1/14/2002, on which date it was reported as destroyed. American Flt 77, (Pentagon) registration was cancelled 1/14/2002 for the same reason. United Flight 175, which hit the South tower was carried on the books until 9/28/2005 at which time it was listed just as "cancelled". United Flt. 93 carries the same date of deregistration but, like Flt 175, it also doesn't even list the aircraft as having been destroyed, just "cancelled".

Flight data recorders were reportedly retrieved from the Shanksville aircraft and the Pentagon aircraft, allegedly. The Pentagon aircraft FDR raw data was, apparently accidentally provided to Pilots for 9/11 truth by NTSB, I would guess under the assumption that, without the data frame, it would be useless to a bunch of lay-people. They underestimated the tenacity and ingenuity of the Pilots and they got help from a company that makes the FDR.

An analysis of the raw data supplied by NTSB shows that the aircraft in question could not have hit the Pentagon. It was still 273' above the ground in the last frame of data. Its position and altitude placed contact with the street lights and the Pentagon itself outside the realm of possibility for that aircraft, given its altitude and airspeed. It could not have maneuvered to strike any of the things it was alleged to have hit. In addition, the course, position, and heading information places it well to the West of the flight path required to match up with the impact damage to the light poles and the penetration trajectory of the building. Either NTSB provided false data or the account of the aircraft hitting the Pentagon is false.

In the case of Shanksville, the startling lack of aircraft wreckage, the very small crater with no evidence visible of an air crash, coupled with the absence of a normal investigation and attempt to reassemble the aircraft adds to the suspicion. The FDR data from Shanksville is in the possession of Pilots for 9/11 truth and is being analyzed at present. NTSB refuses to elaborate on either the Pentagon or Shanksville data. They say only that they provided a "work product" to the FBI and any comment will have to come from them.

The NTSB has an online listing of aviation accidents from the past ten years at
None of the 9/11 flights are listed in this database.

In addition to the unusual handling of the aircraft part of this horrendous and very pivotal day in history, the investigation into the behaviour of the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon is very puzzling. The debris was spirited away by FEMA in what can only be described as very strange treatment of a crime scene, particularly one which cannot be definitively said to be solved, since the government has yet to present their promised case against the alleged hijackers and Osama Bin Laden has not been charged with the crime.

But beyond the crime scene nature of the cleanup in New York, the buildings themselves exhibited very strange behavior for steel-framed skyscrapers. They disintegrated symmetrically, the towers from the top down, very suddenly, and Bldg 7 in a classic controlled demolition fashion. The official story says fire and impact damage from the aircraft caused it. It was the first such collapses in recorded history, despite the fact that other steel-framed hi-rise buildings had suffered much longer, hotter fires and remained standing. NIST was assigned to do a building performance report. They have yet to offer any explanation for Bldg 7, but instead of going to the forensic evidence from the wreckage for the towers, they relied on a computer simulation in which they could tinker with the parameters. Only when using parameters far outside the range of any reasonable estimate of the temperatures encountered by the steel could they induce anything approaching the collapse that was observed.

The fact that three buildings exhibited first-ever-in-history behavior, all belonging to the same leaseholder, all newly acquired property (July 2001), all heavily insured specifically against terrorist acts, and representing a windfall profit of billions ($4.5 b) to the owner, should, it would seem, raise some suspicions. This property But leaving aside the possible arson and mass murder, the implications for the construction industry are huge and would merit, it would seem, an exhaustive and very public investigation. Nothing of the sort occurred. As George Benton noted, the editor of Fire Engineering magazine called the investigation a "half-baked farce".

The WTC suffered a severe fire between the 9th and 16th floor, including the core columns, and it lasted over three hours, burned hotter, since it broke windows, unlike the 9/11 fires, yet it caused no serious structural damage and the trusses were still in use on 9/11.

My point is that in the days when government agencies like the FAA and NTSB existed to provide a public service, the response to untoward events was quite different than it is when the agencies exist to provide cover to a criminal enterprise masquerading as a government. It ought to make you think about the likely future of our republic.

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